Our legs, we often hide them, or take them for granted, but we do not really love them.

As soon as the first rays of sunshine announce the arrival of spring, and on the first day we can go outside bare-legged again, we still leave the shorts, skirts, and dresses behind, because;

Our legs are the second least favourite body part among women (right after our bums), but there is a second reason.

Around 80% of women have experienced street harassment, stares, yelling, hissing, suggestive comments, inappropriate touching.

Gambettes believes that nothing should stop you from showing off your legs, all legs are beautiful.

All legs deserve to be seen, loved, celebrated and respected.

And all legs, covered or uncovered, in any shape or form, deserve to walk the streets feeling safe.

Our mission: Free Your Legs

With 15 mirrors at leg level in the center of Amsterdam, we want to encourage you to show your legs the way you like best and without prejudice or fear. Share your mirror selfie in one of the street mirrors in Amsterdam* or in whatever mirror you can find, and declare your love for your legs using the hashtag #freeyourlegs and tag @gambettesbox. Per picture posted with the hashtag, we will donate €5 to the Dutch Stop Street Harassment Foundation.** Don't forget to turn off private mode so we can track your participation.

*research among women in Amsterdam aged 15-34

*Please note that mirrors might be removed during the campaign. Can't find a mirror near you? Use your own mirror!

**General terms and conditions of the fundraiser

Street harassment includes a variety of sexual statements or behaviors that annoy, hurt, insult, threaten, or limit others' sense of personal freedom. Examples include making sexually explicit requests or innuendos, cursing, catcalling, and hissing, staring, as well as unwanted touching, preventing someone from continuing on their way, or making sexually explicit gestures.

Stop Straatintimidatie is committed to policy around street harassment. They believe that everyone should be able to walk the streets of our society unhindered. They work with local and national politicians to develop policies for monitoring, raising awareness and punishing street harassment.

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#freeyourlegs @gambettesbox

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We’re here so that you can proudly show off your legs, because they deserve it.